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Hi. My name is Scott Laurence and I've been involved from a distance with Dales' Karate and Healing Arts for a Decade or Four & have kept in touch with the evolution of what has become ContactCare over that time.

I believe that the system that Dale and Kym established and that Camille and others are expanding, will in future years be recognized as the pinnacle of all non-invasive treatments available for Human or Animal well being.

I must admit that the majority of my treatments are of the Human variety, but my partner & I currently have Three & a Half Horses in tow and I happily treat any others when the need arise.

I have not completed the paperwork to become a qualified exponent of 'The ContactCare Method', but I have been involved with the system as it evolved over the last decade or so.

ContactCare is expanding rapidly, but the reality is that we are few and far between in the lower South Island, so if anyone is thinking of moving South, give us a call.

Personally, I know that sooner or later I will be treating this system as my full time passion and will complete the paperwork that will enable me to become 'The Real McCoy' in a practitioner sense, but up until then I will carry on as normal and help any person or animal that is presented for treatment.


ContactCare Southland
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